Your Key to IBD at Mac Kids

Patient Perspectives

About Me

I used to feel yucky
But now I feel Lucky
Thanks to a wonderful doctor
I feel better again
And I’ve met a new friend
Thanks to a nice kind nurse
My friend has colitis, and I have crohn’s
I used to feel scared, now I’m not alone
Thanks to my great new pal!!


Anne, Age 9

Meet some pros!

The bios and words of wisdom in this section were provided by real “Mac Kids” and young adult “graduates” who are living with IBD — and thriving.

Some, like Carter and Neil, have Crohn’s disease. Others, like Carly and Kelly have ulcerative colitis.

They are young teenagers (Carter), older teens (AnneCarly, and Ryan), or twenty-somethings with post-secondary educations, careers, and partners (Kelly and Neil).

They have had varying degrees of difficulty with the intestinal health, and their own approach to coping with what IBD throws at them.

All are active and engaged in activities that interest and help them cope. One has even climbed to the base camp of Mount Everest!

NB: Names have been changed and/or non-identifying photos have been used for those patients who wanted to help — but maintain their privacy.