Your Key to IBD at Mac Kids

Hidden Teams

In addition to the front line team members that you will meet in the 3E clinic, many highly skilled staff provide diagnostic services in our laboratory and medical imaging departments. We all work together, as we strive to provide the best care possible.

The Lab Team

Staff in our outpatient labs draw the samples needed for your clinical laboratory tests.

Technologists in our second-floor lab work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that your doctor has all the results of your lab tests. Although rarely seen by our patients, these dedicated staff share the team’s deep concern for your health and well being.

The Endoscopy Team

From time to time, you may have an appointment with the staff in our Endoscopy department.

With the help of this team, and their special equipment, your doctor will be able to directly view areas of the gastrointestinal tract affected by the IBD. This direct look at the bowel is needed to confirm a diagnosis of IBD, and provides information that will help guide the plan for your care.

The Diagnostic Imaging Team

As a team, this group of technicians and doctors provides a wide range of tests that include X-rays, bone density scans, and CT and MRI scans.

The results of these tests help in diagnosis, and help the team identify areas of concern. The medical imaging department can be found behind our Yellow elevators on the second floor.

The staff here work with big machines, but they all have warm hearts and are sensitive to the needs of our young clients.