Your Key to IBD at Mac Kids

Nasogatric Tubes

Tube feeding requires the insertion of a thin, flexible plastic nasogastric (NG) tube. This tube is inserted into the nose, and passed down the throat and into the stomach.

This simple procedure takes about two minutes. Some patients may experience the following temporary sensations:

  • urge to sneeze
  • watery eyes
  • gagging, as the tube passes down the throat

Tube feedings are generally given overnight, at home, while you sleep.

First-time patients are usually admitted to our pediatric unit for several days to receive teaching, and to make sure that the nutritional therapy is well tolerated.

As the time to remove the NG tube approaches, your dietitian or nurse will give you a weaning schedule for your feeds. Weaning usually takes three to five days.

You, your nurse, or your doctor can then remove the tube, when it’s time. Removal usually takes about one minute.