Your Key to IBD at Mac Kids

Wards 3B, 3C, & 3Y

At some point, your child may need to be treated in the Pediatric Inpatient Unit, which consists of wards 3B, 3C, and 3Y on the third floor. All are staffed by a team of pediatric nurses and doctors.

Please ask the business clerk or your nurse for a copy of the pamphlet called “Welcome to the McMaster Children’s Hospital – A Guide for Children & Families on 3B or 3C.” It will provide you with more information about our inpatient wards.

Your child will be assigned to a room with one (private), two (semi-private), or four (ward) single beds.
When your child is feeling better, you can spend some creative time in the children’s lounge or playroom.

If it is necessary to spend more than a week receiving treatment on the third floor, our teacher can contact your school and establish a learning plan to suit individual needs.

High school students may benefit from the tutorial services of one our McMaster University student volunteers. And, much to our students’ relief, we observe all regular school holidays.

Separate classrooms for highschool students and elementary students are available.

Our Child Life Specialists, volunteers, and special guests work together to create a pleasant environment for your child’s recovery. Our Child Life Specialists also offer two interactive resources for our IBD patients: Upopolis and CLICK

Our classroom, located near the entrance of wards 3B and 3C, is available to help our inpatients stay up to date with their studies.


Upopolis is a secure social network available at McMaster Children’s Hospital and other children’s hospitals throughout Canada.

This secure network provides a personal profile, secure mail and instant chat, discussion boards, personal blogs and links to child-friendly games.

It also provides unique features to kids in hospital. These include a homework site to stay up-to-date with their schoolwork, links to kid-friendly health and wellness information, and connections to other children with the same condition.

Mac Kids inpatients who are interested in joining the Upopolis network can ask a Child Life Specialist to set up access for them.

“Your Key to IBD at Mac Kids” is available through Upopolis, and can be used as a teaching tool for ward patients as well as in the clinic, with assistance from a Child Life Specialist

CLICK (Child Life Interactive Computers for Kids)

The CLICK Program is designed to improve the quality of care and services for pediatric patients through innovative technology. It is the result of partnership with Microsoft Canada and the Children’s Miracle Network.

During their hospital stay, children have access to tablet PCs, software, webcams, digital cameras, projectors, Xbox®, Kinect® and more.

Paitients can use computers to play games, as well as: use internet search engines, social networks, and e-mail; create personal blogs; post messages; track homework assignments; chat online with families and friends.

The games and internet applications available through CLICK can provide distraction and reassurance, and reduce anxiety and stress.

The Program is coordinated and implemented by a Certified Child Life Specialist.