Your Key to IBD at Mac Kids


This is a resource for the children, youth, and families dealing with pediatric inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and receiving care at McMaster Children’s Hospital (Mac Kids). It includes information about:

  • IBD
  • possible treatment options, including nutritionmedications, and surgery
  • the people who will help you to receive care that you need
  • the facilities available to help you as an outpatient or, if necessary, inpatient at Mac Kids
  • the research that we do at Mac Kids to find better ways to diagnose, treat, and monitor IBD

In addition, several teens and young adults who are living — and thriving — with IBD were kind enough to share their perspectives about dealing successfully with their condition. We hope that you and your family will find this information helpful as we accompany you on your IBD journey.

Newly Diagnosed?

What You Need to Know


Support for the Pediatric IBD Programme’s Research

Patient Perspectives